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May/ June 2012

According to the beginning of summer and the coming summer-vacancies we intend to decorate and ornament one of the June-Services with several pieces  from renaissance and baroque, adoring and praising the summertime. In the center of these pieces we've placed a contemporary piece as a rest-point to think about nature, creation and the life itself.





Le Rossignuol (Die Nachtigall)

Orlando di Lasso

An Hellen Tagen

G. Gastoldi

Herzlich tut mich erfreuen

M. Praetorius

Feinslieb, hast mich umfangen

H.L. Hassler

Herr, du kommst und gehst...

H. Große-Schware

Air (aus The Fairy Queen)

H. Purcell


H. Purcell

Entry Dance (TFQ)

H. Purcell

Neue MitspielerInnen sind jederzeit herzlich willkommen, besonders diejenigen mit großen Blockflöten (ab Bassflöte abwärts). Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich bitte an das Gemeindesekretariat oder direkt an mich (s. Impressum) am besten per Mail.

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Aller Augen warten auf Dich, Herre

Heinrich Schütz

Padouana 3a

William Brade

Gaillarda 3b

Allemanda 3c

Herzlich tut mich erfreuen

Michael Praetorius

Choo Choo Train

J. D. Carey

Ave maris stella

E. H. Grieg

Courente aus Suite Nr. 18

Joh. H. Schein


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Gottesdienst am Ewigkeitssonntag

We will perform:

"Ave maris stella" von E. Grieg, den Choral "Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich" von M. Praetorius und verschiedene Bearbeitungen der Liedsätze zu "Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten" und "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme".


[Translate to English:] Stücke für Gründonnerstag 10


Service: Holy Thursday 01.04.2010, 17 p.m



Flow my Tears


Clarifica me


Sicut Cervus


Verily, verily I say unto You


Sitivit Anima mea


The Image of Melancolly


Annotations about the two Pieces

The famous "Sicut Cervus" is a two part motet from Palestrina. The second

part "Sitivit Anima mea" often is omitted. Both parts refer to Ps. 42.


The concert has been recorded. You'll find some Intros at  this page!


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New! Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterSicut Cervus auf YouTube  


New! Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterSitivit Anima Mea auf YouTube



[Translate to English:] Doppelkonzert Martini-Ensemble - Flauti Parlandi

Doppelkonzert on 11.09.10 at Stephanuskirche


[Translate to English:] Abschnitt1

On September 11th at 17 p.m. theMartini-Ensemble, conducted by Eberhard Michel, und the Ensemble "Flauti Parlandi" from Theesen conducted by Christel Weihrauch will perform together a concert at Stephanuskirche. 

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You will hear pieces from renaissance to contemporary works on recorders of all kinds (sopranino upto the double-double bass, one of the largest recorders played nowadays). The two ensembles will play on their own and together.


The concert begins with a sacred renaissance-piece as introduction followed by profane pavane leading to a dance-suite (Terpsichore) typical for the time 400 years ago.  

The dance-music is framed by two instrumental renaissance-pieces.

The double-choir "Cantate Domino" von R. Taeggio will be performed by the two ensembles in common. The audience is invited to sing several canons with us. The Concerto II from J. Baston, a "Divertimento" from Mozart and two parts of a piece from J. Chr. Bach, a so called "Freiluftmusik", transscribed for recorder orchester, will lead to high-baroque and preclassic. Two contempory pieces will conclude our concert.

The leaders of both ensembles, Eberhard Michel and Christel Weihrauch, will be glad to see you as visitors.



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The concert has been recorded. You'll find audio-examples (intros) Öffnet internen Link in neuem Fensterhere.