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With the age of 9 years my teacher gave us a descant-recorder. Rapidly I learned the instrument by my own after somebody gave me the "Schule für Sopranflöte".

1966, two years later, I went to a grammar-school. One day our music-teacher invited us to play our own instrument in front of the class. I was the only one with a recorder. My teacher was so enthousiastic about my playing that he convinced my parents to buy a treble-recorder. I learned this recorder by my own too, this time with the "Schule für Altblockflöte" published by Moeck.

From 1966 to 1973 I played in a recorder-ensemble of a grammar school in southern Germany and gathered each Instrument I could reach. So I even got practice in playing the bass-recorder. Alongside I belonged to a local wind band where I played flute and piccolo.

During my studies in math and physics the recorder was nearly buried in oblivion. Thanks to a french radio station (france inter or france culture) I heared about the latest research on practice of early music. That was a very exciting matter. They played the music in a way I often had in my imagination. And this manner often was not accepted by my music teachers. And soon in Freiburg I could listen to the first ensembles playing the new sound.

Some years after my studies I began to establish recorder ensembles at school with pupil between 10 and 14 years. I wanted to bring in my experiences I had gained in several ensembles and music schools.

Meanwhile information about practising early music was availebale in exuberance, e.g. by many emissions of the WDR (radio station in Germany). From time to time I joined to musical activities like summer school etc.

The music groups at school were rather successful. In 1992, when I changed to the "Evangelisches Schulzentrum Leipzig" I created a new ensemble and rehearsed sometimes with parents in little musical projects for the purpose to be played in beneficial concerts. With our large recorders we were well known even outside of Leipzig.

1997 I returned to Bielefeld to a school belonging to the church. I established a new ensemble, but I had to leave it due to other obligations.

In my leisure I play or played in several recorder ensembles:
  • Markus-Consort der Luthergemeinde in Sieker
  • Spielkreis der Liebfrauenkirche in Sieker
  • Flötenensemble "�ffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterFlauti Parlandi" in Theesen
  • Blockflötenconsort �ffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterDortmund