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In September 2005 I started sending a broadcasting-letter to several paroisses in Bielefeld. I asked wether there was any kind of recorder ensemble which I would like to continue or if not existent to create.

Several communities answered, some were interested in.  Finally the Martini-community got the "best bid". The leader of their ensemble changed to other musical activities due to new guidelines in her work and had to leave her ensemble after 4 years. So the ensemble members and the community looked for a possibility to continue their work. On demand I sent a 4-sheet paper representing by word and pictures my musical biography and my intentions.

After watching a rehearsal with their leader the ensemble and I agreed to continue the work. I took over an ensemble that was full of enthusiasm und well rehearsed.

The rehearsals began in October. On a Sunday in advent we "spoke" for the first time. Now we disposed over several large recorders (greatbass and contrabass). It seemed that we impressed unheard-of the spectators. Since that performance we are to hear 8 to 10 times a year in the services, and we are enjoying the great acknowledgement and esteem with thankfulness.

Nowadays 10 to 12 persons between the age from the beginning of 20 to 70 years are playing together. Some of them are playing only one single Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterrecorder, other of them are trying all disponible Instruments.

The given link leads to one of the most exciting recorder-pages in the world!




More infos

Our ensemble plays most various recorder literature out of 5 centuries. The impact is focused on pieces of the renaissance or late-renaissance. Of course we have favorite composers: e.g. Praetorius, Palestrina, Eccard, Lasso, Schein and Schütz. All of them have written outstanding music for the use in clerical services.